Mar 22, 2009


The first project commisioned by BENT Image Lab since we started working together included three animated spots and three prints for a lebanese newspaper called Al Balad.
I used paper and cardboard puppets for the characters, with real eyes and hands, and real skin texture. All the objects and backgrounds were built as scale models, also in paper and cardboard, and then digitally processed.

You can visit my web to take a look at the "making of" and watch the spots. Hope you enjoy it!


RAWLS said...

Beautiful work my friend!!! Those are fabulous! Well done.

Ulises Rivera R said...

Hola Carlos, nuevamente saludándote. Hace algunos meses te contacté. En aquél entonces preparaba un post en mi blog acerca de tu trabajo y dudaba sobre tu nacionalidad.
Ahora vuelvo y me encuentro con estos nuevos anuncios, geniales ambos, y he querido dejarte una felicitación y avisarte que les he dedicado un nuevo post.
Felicidades nuevamente y seguimos en contacto!

Pamela-Luciana said...
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disaikner said...

cool work... its 3d no????

Anonymous said...

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