Jan 30, 2009


Sitting on a bench at the park, she enjoys the sweet taste of her lolly.
A bright-blue butterfly gets her attention and she runs after it, trying to catch it.
Her feet barely touch the ground... but her illusion raises high.

This will be my next personal animation project, for which I will devote the next few months. It will be a mixed technique shortfilm, using 2D, 3D and stop motion animation. This new shortfilm will go along the line of "A Short Love Story in Stop Motion" but with new and improved techniques I have been developing during the last couple of months.

I´m only giving you this for the moment. However, there is much more to come...stay tuned.


RAWLS said...

Beautiful stuff my friend!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Great work!

mim said...

can't wait for more progress on it Carlos!
really nice to see you started your next project dude ;)

likeOMGitsFEDAY said...

You are so talented! I put A Short Love Story on my iPod and show it to people all the time.

crisigner said...

fiz um post sobre você no meu blog. Seria muito feliz se vc aparecesse por lá.
um bjo

ps.: parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho!

alex said...

Hi carlos,

well, i'm truly impressed by your animations.I'm studying the techniques u have used to make them.Not copying you for sure but to improve and inspire my own style.I figured out that u used real eyes image sequence for the eyes of your characters..am i right?! if yes, can u tell me a little about it..just some clues.I'll be really appreciated, by the way i've published your animation here in my online magazine with a description about you. Kindly visit here : http://www.kasraaa.de

Tari said...

A Short Love History is perfect!

Mari said...

I can't wait to see it. Thank you for all the beautiful images and stories!

Narwhal Tabarca said...

Que tal Carlos,

Oye soy un amigo de Rocío Gama, que me ha hablado de tu obra. Me he quedado impresionado y he hecho un post sobre tí en mi blog, por si te quieres pasar a verlo.

Enhorabuena, compañero. Lo que haces es grande.

Un abrazo, una sonrisa,

Narwhal Tabarca


viktor said...

que buena pinta... estaré atento

me encanta tu trabajo

MONICA said...

Preciosos trabajos, me has alegrado la mañana con tus cortos animados. Muchas gracias, si no te importa te enlazo en mis favoritos, pero en caso contrario dime y lo suprimo. Saludos y hasta pronto :)

Anita said...

love your video's en paintings! Its inspiring!