Sep 6, 2010


Two months ago I spent a few days in Prague, invited by my representative there Lukas Skalnik, from Eallin Motion Art. Lukas and I had been in touch before but had not had the chance to meet personally. During my stay there I got to know him (a great guy, by the way), and his partners and team.

Eallin is a company specialized in production of TV commercials and Music Videos. They have a great team of directors and technicians and a quite impressive reel. You can check their works at their website.  

A couple of weeks ago, an opportunity to work together finally arose: an animated commercial for a client from Russia, who was looking for something organic, with a hand-made look, and the use of real textures. So it seemed the project fitted me perfectly.

I moved to Prague for a few weeks, and we started the shooting already. Here are some pics of the studio at Eallin.

More are soon to come.

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