Jun 1, 2010


On May 4th I have been invited by Steve Weiss to participate on Ep.3 of The Great Camera Shootout, shot at the Midwest Independent Film Festival Screening in Chicago.

It was a great occasion to finally meet Steve, Susan, Jens, Sara and the rest of their great team in person. I got a chance to visit them at Zacuto’s headquarters, and to try the great gear they have created for adapting DSRL cameras to filmmaking.
During those days I also had the chance to meet greatly creative people, such as french filmmaker Boris Wexler, american DOP Shane Hurlbut, and Misa and Jehu García, from Jag35, who also work on creating affordable equipment for filmmakers that work with DSRL cameras, and with whom I have shared a few meals and drinks during my stay.

The shootout, which took place in front of a large and specialized audience, was about comparing footage filmed on 35 mm, and the same footage filmed on DSRL cameras, focusing in the comparison between RAW and compressed, and in the response of the different cameras when filming over green screen.
Steve and his team wanted to show the kind of results that could be achieved by using one of these cameras, and that’s where “J’ai pas le temps” came in. I shot it entirely on a Canon 7D. It was the first time I worked with one of these cameras, and I must say that I was really amazed by the quality of the compression I achieved.
It was exciting to watch the music video on such a huge screen, and even more exciting to get such a positive response from the audience.

Meeting such great people, exploring Chicago, and participating on an episode of a series I had been following, had turned the trip into a wonderful experience.


Misa Garcia said...


It was an amazing experience getting to meet you in person while in Chicago. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip, and in our opinion your one of the most talented people we've ever been introduced to. Congratulations on your success.

Anonymous said...

Carlos, amazing green screen work with the 7D. Your work is an inspiration.

I've had a Canon 7D since February, still learning filming techniques and the best workflow.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Steve said...

Carlos, it was my pleasure to meet you in person and to get to hang out with you and have you over to our home. Everyone is still talking about what a great, charming guy you are and it was our pleasure to teach you how to roast marshmallows. Thank you so much for coming to Chicago and spending time with me. We are going to have to do it again some time real soon.

your buddy Steve

Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

I loved showing you just a small piece of Chicago while you were here! Of course, having you at the Chicago screening event was amazing too. It was nice to share you with other film enthusiasts. You are a true visionary and I've never met anyone with such a creative eye + spirit. Looking forward to your next project. Big, big hugs,