Feb 15, 2010


This is a spot I've made last year for the French market. Even if it has not been released yet, I got the ok from the Production Company to post the spot on my online portfolio. Two huge graphic prints (already displayed in some parts of France), also form part of this campaign.

The product (Oscillococcinum, from Laboratoires Boiron, France) is an homeopathic medicine against flu symptoms.

To see the spot and the making of, please visit my site at www.carloslascano.com


Hermanos Encinas said...

Hola Carlos, felicidades por tu blog y por tus cortos.

Acabo de hacer una entrada sobre A love Story: http://puppetsandclay.blogspot.com/2010/02/love-story-2008.html

Un saludo,

aejiasi said...

Your work is amazing! I look forward to seeing what else you make in the future.

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