Nov 25, 2009


I have spent a few days in Italy, amazed by its beauty and by how mild and pleasant can the November weather be.

A few years ago I have written (and started to work on) a project about Leonardo da Vinci that takes place in Florence, but the truth is that I had never been there before.

So I got a train ticket and headed to Florence. I wandered aimlessly around its narrow streets and along the Arno River, taking pictures to use as graphic references, visiting some buildings I had described in my story and admiring the beauty of Tuscany´s autumn.

The landscape was as beautiful as I had imagined it. It was great to walk along the streets and parks I had written about, imagining the characters of my story coming to life in that scenario.

Being there made those characters become real, and I had the feeling of being in places where the situations that I made up had actually taken place.

These kind of feelings are the ones that push me to discover new places and write new stories. For me, traveling is a huge source of inspiration.


Mr. Pinkeyes® said...

Hola! tienes muy buenos trabajos, me encatan tus animaciones e ilustraciones. Éxito en tu nuevo proyecto! Saludos desde Chiapas, México.

Francisco Castracane said...

No nos conocemos pero tu yrabajo me parece excelente! Felicidades! Sobre todo la atmosfera1 Increible....bueno quizás en otra vida me toque la lotería!

Chelsey said...

Woah! That first photo took my breath away. Lovely! So interesting to see Italy through your eyes. I've been following your blog for a while, but had to comment on this. ~ Grasias desde Minnesota, USA (Lo siento, mi español es terrible y por eso mis comentarios son en ingles.)

C. A. Beninati said...

¡Que buenas imagenes!